List of Duties-Petroleum Accountants

Petroleum Accountant
1.    Conduct auditing of petroleum operations, revenues and expenditures.
2.    Assist the Income Tax Department in the auditing of petroleum operations, revenues and expenditures.
3.    Audit and monitor petroleum revenues including royalty, Government production share and revenues from Government participation in commercial fields.
4.    Assist in the administration of petroleum contracts.
5.    Process landowners’ share of royalties for payment.
6.    Evaluate oil and gas field economics.

Petroleum Accounting Clerk
1.    Conduct verification of daily petroleum production and sales reports and file and maintain reports.
2.    Conduct monthly and annual reconciliation of petroleum production, sales and inventory.
3.    Conduct regular verification of gross petroleum revenues.
4.    Conduct regular verification of petroleum expenditures.
5.    Prepare reports on verification of petroleum production and sales, gross revenues and expenditures including findings and recommendations.
6.    Prepare and maintain financial database of petroleum revenues and expenditures.
7.    Verify compliance of petroleum contractors with accounting obligations consistent with generally accepted standards and procedures in the international petroleum industry.
8.    Maintain petroleum accounting files.
9.    Update and maintain the petroleum register.