List of Duties-Petroleum Technician

1.    Supervise and monitor daily petroleum production operations at the wellhead and processing facilities.
2.    Supervise and monitor international shipments of oil at export facilities.
3.    Certify and report volumes of oil and gas produced, sold and transported daily.
4.    Certify and report volumes of oil exported internationally.
5.    Inspect production and storage facilities regularly to ensure compliance with generally accepted practices in the international petroleum industry.
6.    Periodically inspect oil and gas measuring devices for accuracy in calibration and working condition.
7.    Inspect and monitor health, safety and environmental practices at the wellhead, production and storage facilities and for exploration operations.
8.    Assist in inspection and monitoring of exploration and development operations.
9.    Assist Geologists in geological mapping and geological studies in relation to petroleum exploration and development.
10.    Label and store geological and petroleum samples and maintain geological database.