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To be a proactive Ministry that provides visionary leadership to effectively advise on and coordinate development initiatives in order to improve the overall well-being of Belizeans.


Assume a leadership role in formulating national development policies, strategies, and programs to promote macroeconomic stability, sustainable socioeconomic development, and the reduction of poverty.

Core Values

  • Integrity: maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards
  • Quality: commitment to high quality work that meets international institutional standards
  • Efficiency: using the Ministry’s limited human and capital resources efficiently and effectively
  • Accountability: Being transparent and taking responsibility for our actions and inaction
  • Collaboration: Commitment to teamwork within the ministry and amongst all ministries
  • Results oriented: Setting and achieving clear measurable goals

Functions/Purpose of the PPU

  1. Advise on national and sectoral policies and plans
  2. Prepare and facilitate national development plans
  3. Appraise, monitor, evaluate and report on Government’s public sector investment program
  4. Coordinate multilateral and bilateral assistance
  5. Focal point of international development partners

Output of the PPU

  • Long and Medium Term National Development Plans
  • Policy Documents and Policy Development Assistance
  • Quarterly Public Sector Investment Program Reports
  • Country Poverty Assessments and Poverty Reduction Strategies
  • Policy and Strategy Documents Listing