About the Adaptation Fund

Since 2010, the Adaptation Fund (AF) has committed over USD 1 billion for climate change adaptation and resilience projects and programmes, including 150 concrete, localized projects in the most vulnerable communities of developing countries around the world with over 38 million total beneficiaries. It also pioneered Direct Access and Enhanced Direct Access, empowering countries to access funding and develop local projects directly through accredited national implementing entities. The Adaptation Fund finances projects and programmes are based on country requirements and priorities.

The AF is managed by a Board comprised of 16 members and 16 alternates. Currently, Dr. Kennrick Williams, CEO for the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management, sits on the Adaptation Fund board. The AF also appoints a Designated Authority which is a country’s focal agency or point of contact. The DA for Belize is Dr. Osmond Martinez, Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Economic Development (MED).