Policy and Planning Unit

Vision & Mission


To be a proactive Ministry that provides visionary leadership to effectively advise on and coordinate development initiatives in order to improve the overall well-being of Belizeans.


Assume a leadership role in formulating national development policies, strategies, and programs to promote macroeconomic stability, sustainable socioeconomic development, and the reduction of poverty.

Core Values

  • Integrity: maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards

  • Quality: commitment to high quality work that meets international institutional standards

  • Efficiency: using the Ministry’s limited human and capital resources efficiently and effectively

  • Accountability: Being transparent and taking responsibility for our actions and inaction
  • Collaboration: Commitment to teamwork within the ministry and amongst all ministries
  • Results oriented: Setting and achieving clear measurable goals

Functions & Purpose of the PPU

  • Advise on national and sectoral policies and plans
  • Prepare and facilitate national development plans
  • Appraise, monitor, evaluate and report on Government’s public sector investment program
  • Coordinate multilateral and bilateral assistance
  • Focal point of international development partners

Output of the PPU

  • Long and Medium Term National Development Plans
  • Policy Documents and Policy Development Assistance
  • Quarterly Public Sector Investment Program Reports
  • Country Poverty Assessments and Poverty Reduction Strategies
  • Policy and Strategy Documents Listing