AF Innovation Grant: Securing Water Resources through Solar Energy and Innovative Adaptive Management (SEAM)- USD 4,970,000 grant

This project aims to decrease the uncertainty of water availability in communities by providing climate innovative and adaptive mechanisms to address current and future climate change impacts on water resources. This will be done through 3 components: 1) Improved Potable Water Supply Systems, 2) Community Based Watershed Protection and Management and 3) Improved Governance and Enhanced Appreciation for Water Resources.

AF Enhanced Direct Access: Building Community Resilience via Transformative Adaptation – USD 5,000,000 grant

The goal of this project is to improve Belize’s long-term capacity to protect communities from climate threats posed by drought, unpredictable water availability, floods, and improper wildfire management.  The project is structured around five key components, each designed to create a sustainable framework for climate adaptation:

  • Safeguarding forest and water resources through strategic protection and restoration solutions;

  • Combating wildfires through adaptive management;

  • Creating opportunities to support alternative livelihoods;

  • Building national capacity to access adaptation finance;

  • Community disaster risk management.

Regional Project: Use of Nature-based Solutions to Increase Resilience to Extreme Climate Events in the Atlantic Region of Central America – USD 13,248,121 (total) but roughly USD 3,000,000 for Belize

This project aims to strengthen the climate resilience of communities and ecosystems in the Amatique Bay, shared by Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. It is estimated to benefit 2,050 individuals directly and more than 35,000 indirectly and will provide the countries with early warning systems for improving alerts and response capacities to extreme weather events. Additionally, it targets to promote learning and sharing through the collection of lessons and experiences.