Belize Integral Security Programme

The Belize Integral Security Programme (BISP) is a three year, Thirty Million United States Dollar (US$30,000,000.00) programme. The general objective of this programme is to strengthen citizen security through investments in infrastructure and equipment for the national insertions responsible for national security in Belize. The ultimate goal of these investments is to promote and improve the quality of life of the Belizean CiEzenry and support the Central American Region’s efforts to combat crime. The programme is funded through a loan from the Central American Bank for Economic IntegraEon (CABEI).

This Programme will have nationwide interventions as investments in infrastructure will be carried out in every district of the country. While the programme will benefit the members of the security forces directly, it will provide benefits to the entire population by improvements in citizen security. Apart from improvements in physical infrastructure in different locations, it is expected that these investments will create employment in the district towns and provide economic stimulation to the local economy.

The Programme has four (4) Specific objectives:

  • Increase the coverage of citizen security through the construction and improvement of police stations in strategic locations.

  • Reduce impunity through the provision of tools and aid in the effectiveness of investigation services and prosecution of crimes.

  • Improve maritime border security through the improvement of infrastructure and equipment.

  • Improve the performance of insertions linked to citizen security through the provision of appropriate equipment and infrastructure to meet its functions.

The programme intends to achieve these specific objectives by investing in infrastructure and equipment for the Belize Police Department (BPD), Belize Coast Guard (BCG), Belize Defence Force (BDF), and the National Forensic Science Services (NFSS). In the case of the BPD, the intent is to build Police stations and Sub-stations in different locations as well as the construction of Barracks and the refurbishment of other facilities. In the case of the BDF, barracks are to be built and other facilities refurbished. The BCG is to benefit from the construction of boat maintenance facilities and the procurement of navigation equipment. The NFSS is to receive a fully equipped and functional forensic laboratory. additionally, vehicles, office equipment and other specialized equipment will be procured for all participating agencies. The project is fully funded by CABEI and has no counterpart funding.

The Programme’s implementation scheme is divided into 3 levels, the Program Steering Committee (PSC), the Program Technical Committee (PTC), and the Program ExecuEon Unit (PEU). At the highest level, the program is headed by a Program Steering Committee which has representation at the highest level of government and is chaired by the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum (MEDP). The other members of the PSC comprise representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Defense, and Ministry of Works. The PSC is responsible for the approval of yearly financial, programmatic, and procurement plans. They are also responsible for monitoring resource allocation and strategic decision making. At the technical level, the PTC is responsible for the provision of technical plans, review of technical documents, and the provision of technical guidance and oversight of equipment and materials. The implementation aspect of the programme is carried out by the PEU which is responsible to administer the day to day operations of the programme. The PEU ensures that the programme’s targets are being met, in a timely fashion, and on budget while ensuring that both GOB’s and CABEI’s financial and procurement guidelines are being adhered to.

The Belize Integral Security Programme’s (BISP) office is located on the second floor at Unit #3, 1904 Constitution Drive in the City of Belmopan.