National Authorizing Office

Advise on national and sectoral policies and plans as well as prepare and facilitate national development plants amongst other functions

The role of the NAO is to manage and coordinate Belize/EU Cooperation. The NAO also guides and supports the implementation of EU projects and programmes.


  • The European Development Fund or EDF is the principal instrument for the EU’s development cooperation with ACP Countries worldwide. Belize has benefited from grant funds of BZ 93 million dollars under the 9th and 10th EDF. The 11th EDF, expected to come into effect in late 2018, will fund projects in the Health & Energy Sector.
  • The main areas to be addressed by the Health Programme are integrated health services based on primary health care, strengthening the organization and management of health services, and developing efficient, disaster resilient health infrastructure.
  • The main areas to be addressed by the Energy programme are improving access to sustainable energy in rural areas including renewable sources and enhancing the energy sector governance and institutional capacity.

EDF 11

The allocation under EDF 11 of Euro 27 mn or BZ 64.12 mn is focused on Health, Energy and Public Finance Management(PFM). The Financing Agreements for Health and PFM sectors were signed on March 9, 2018 and the Energy sector was signed on July 22, 2019.

The EU has allocated 27 million Euro (BZ 64.12 million) to covers three sectors:

  1. Health BZ$ 26.32 mn,
  2. Energy BZ$ 31.96 mn,
  3. Public Finance Management – BZ$ 3.37 mn
  4. Technical Cooperation Facility BZ$ 1.075mn.

The breakdown of projects per sector is as follows:

HEALTH- BZ $ 26.32 mn
  • A PAGODA agreement was signed between PAHO and the European Union on 11 September 2018 to fund a project titled Health Sector Support Programme Belize. The total budget for the project is 6,800,000 Euros (European Union) and 772,800 Euros (PAHO). The project is for a total of 60 months with 48 months implementation. The overall objective: Achieving a better quality of life, for all Belizeans, living now and in the future and the Specific objectives:1. To develop efficient, effective, disaster resilient and environmentally friendly health facilities 2. To improve the structure, organization and management of health services.The sum of Euros 500.000 was redirected towards COVID.-19 Emergency response.Expected results
    1. Health Facilities -Three (3) regional hospitals and three (3) community hospitals retrofitted based on the SMART concept and climate – disaster resiliency, central medical lab refurbished
    2. Health Systems Strengthening
  • Upgrade of the Belize Health Information System EURO 3 million
    1. Technical Assistance to the upgrade and expansion of the Belize Health Information System (BHIS) PROMAN SA – EURO 560,000
  • Call for Proposal pertaining to Health -EURO 560,000
ENERGY- BZ$ 31.96 mn,
  • Electricity is to be provided to unserved villages and households on behalf of the Government/BEL.Direct Grant to Belize Electricity Limited – Euro 4.5 million
  • The adoption of energy efficiency measures by public and private actors was the original concept which was not found to be feasible. An analysis of E- mobility will be undertaken through a consultancy.– EURO 4.5 million
  • Strengthening of the energy unit of the MPSEPU for leading the strategic energy planning process, including improvements in sector governance, regulatory framework, data analysis, and capacity building. Technical assistance for capacity building in the energy sector – Belize – Estimates EURO 3.4 million
  • Call for proposal for Civil Society – Euro 513,000
PUBLIC FINANCE MANAGEMENT ( €1.35 million, BZ$ 3.37 mn )

Technical Assistance to the Government of Belize for Implementation of the PFM Support Programme – ECORYS (EU Company) contract is for €1.095 million.


Training and capacity building of NAO and Line Ministries, Studies etc EURO 55.000
COVID 19 Assistance(Equipment) EURO 445,000
COVID 19 Assistance (so]ware) EURO 386.537