GCF Strategic Framework Country Program 2022-2026

The GCF Strategic Framework Country Program 2022-2026 establishes the basis for the country’s engagement with the fund. First drafted in 2019, and updated between 2020-2022, the CP provides country-owned investment guidance to the GCF, thanks to the input and validation of the Belizean public, private sector and civil society stakeholders. The document enables the GCF to be apprised of the country’s climate, development situation and associated needs, which climate projects and programmes can help to overcome identified challenges, as well as how GCF engagement in the country is monitored and evaluated. Belizean project proponents and developers and GCF Accredited Entities (AEs) can also refer to this document to understand how their project ideas can address the country’s climate needs, and to identify on-going GCF projects they could contribute to.

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