Reports and Data

CPI July Release 2020

ETB July Release 2020

GDP Second Quarter Release 2020

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Ministries Annual Technical Reports 2022

Ministries Annual Technical Reports 2021

Min of Agric, Food Security & Enterprise 2021

Min of Attorney Gen ATR 2021

Min of Econ Dev ATR 2021+

Min of Educ, Culture, S&T, ATR 2021

Min of Finance ATR 2021

Min of Blue Econ & Civ Aviat ATR 2021

Min of Foreign Aff & Int Trade AT Rep 2021

Min of Health & Wellness ATR 2021

Min of Home Aff & New Growth Ind ATR 2021

Min of Human Dev, Families & Indig People Affairs 2021

Min of Immigration ATR 2021 Final

Min of Infra Dev & Housing ATR 2021

Min of Nat Def and Border Sec ATR 2021

Min of Nat Res, P & M Anual Report 2021 Final

Min of Pub Util, Energy & EGov ATR 2021

Min of Public Service, Const & Pol Reform & Rel Aff ATR 2021

Min of Rural Transformation, CD, Lab & Local Govt ATR 2021

Min of Sust Dev, CC & DRM ATR 2021

Min of Tourism & Diaspora Relations ATR 2021

Office of the Prime Minister ATR 2021

Min of Youth Sports & Transport ATR 2021

#Plan Belize and the Medium-Term Development Strategy

Belize Med Term Dev Stategy & Action Plan 2022 to 2025

Plan Belize 2020

The Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) and The Gender and Diversity Assessment

REVISED_Gender and Diversity Assessment for BL-L1042


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