Central Executing Unit

The Government of Belize, with support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), has established a Central Executing Unit (CEU) within the Ministry of Economic Development.  The CEU is responsible for the coordination and implementation of new IDB funded loan projects and will serve as the primary point of contact for all stakeholders involved in each project. This centralized unit will provide an efficient and effective way to facilitate the management of the projects, ensuring that all phases are completed on time and on budget. Additionally, the CEU will provide oversight of the financial and operational aspects of the projects, while also ensuring that all relevant regulations and standards are followed. The CEU will also ensure that all project stakeholders are kept informed and updated on the progress of the project.

With in house procurement, financial, monitoring, evaluation and reporting expertise, the CEU should minimize project start up and learning curve delays in bank procedures and reporting requirements previously experienced due to lack of expertise in these areas.

The Unit is headed by a Lead Consultant, and initially staffed by 2 Financial Specialists, 2 Procurement Specialists and a Procurement Assistant as well as an Environmental and Social Specialist and a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. Project Managers (Project Leads) will also be employed for each project.

The CEU will initially coordinate the implementation of the following 5 IDB funded loan projects which together represent Bz$96 Million:

  • Support Strengthening Public Expenditure Management in Belize

  • Digital Innovation to Boost Economic Development in Belize

  • Promoting Sustainable Growth in the Blue Economy

  • Trade and Investment Facilitation Program for Belize

  • Sustainable and Inclusive Belize