About NDA

The National Designated Authority (NDA) within the Ministry of Economic Development is the country’s focal point for the GCF. The Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Osmond Martinez is Belize’s NDA.

In Belize, the NDA plays a crucial role in facilitating, supporting, and creating an enabling environment for access to the GCF. The main functions of the NDA in Belize include:

  • The focal point for communication between the GCF, Accredited Entities (AE) and key stakeholders
  • Deploy readiness and preparatory support funding in the country
  • Endorsing Project Proposals by providing “No-Objection” Letters
  • Retaining an overview of all projects and programmes relating to the country
  • Conducting annual participatory reviews of GCF-funded activities for local stakeholders, notably project-affected people, and communities, including women and disadvantaged groups, and disseminate the findings; and
  • Nominating Direct Access Entities (DAEs)