Country Profile and Projects

In an effort to move towards its climate change goals, Belize has been actively engaged with the GCF since 2015 with the NDA having undergone institutional strengthening and developing a five-year strategic framework, including a country programme inclusive of twenty-eight projects.
This will increase the country’s capacity access GCF resources and effectively administer GCF-related responsibilities, respectively.

Also, in 2018 the Protected Areas Conservation Trust became Belize’s first Direct Access Entity with accreditation to seek grant funds of up to US $10 Million.

To date Belize has benefitted from approximately USD $8 Million in GCF financing. This includes:

  • 1 approved National project
  • 1 Project Preparation Facility
  • 9 national and regional approved Readiness Support
  • 6 national and regional project proposals currently under review by the GCF for approval.

For a comprehensive list of Belize’s GCF Engagement and Project with the GCF. Please visit the country profile.