The Government of Belize is undertaking its readiness activities for the project “Traditional Savanna Fire Management Readiness Proposal to Facilitate Emissions Reductions in the AFOLU sector in Belize.” The project aims to set the stage for long term investment and action to address fire management and climate mitigation in Belize that will reduce emissions, protect biodiversity, prevent forest loss and degradation while creating employment opportunities for Indigenous and local communities. The project seeks to create an enabling environment for fire management in Belize through increased capacity, improved fire data and information gathering, monitoring and dissemination, monitoring and verification (MRV) options, and knowledge sharing and exchanges. The activities under this readiness will provide important baseline information for building resilience and improving adaptive capacity for local communities in Belize. The project approach is designed to demonstrate country ownership and to build the capacity of the partners in Belize to coordinate and manage climate change projects.
Objective of the consultancy
To provide in-country support and coordination of project activities inclusive of consulting with, mobilizing and building the capacity of national stakeholders involved in the GCF funded readiness project “Traditional Savanna Fire Management to facilitate Emissions Reductions in the AFOLU sector in Belize.”