The Government of Belize (GOB) through the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, and Investment intends to contract a team to form a Central Execution Unit (CEU) to Manage the design, execution, and monitoring of IDB financed projects in accordance with Government-defined policies and strategic planning.
The CEU’s mission is to aid, when needed, and ensure their alignment with the sector policies established by the Government through the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Investment (MFEDI). It also seeks to lend efficacy to the portfolio of IDB financed projects by generating synergies and interactions and facilitating a rapid execution, as well as securing adherence and congruence with national public policies.
The CEU will be led by an Executive Director who will providing leadership, coordination and guidance on all matters pertaining to the preparation, design, planning and smooth administration and successful implementation of assigned Programs/Projects through the efficient management of the Central Executing Unit (CEU) in accordance with the Program Operations Manual (POM) of the CEU and the procedures and obligations specified in the relevant loans contracts and technical cooperation and/or other relevant administrative Agreements.

The other team members will include the following members.

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TOR Project Manager- Digital Innovation to Boost Economic Development in Belize

TOR Project Manager- Promoting Sustainable Growth in the Blue Economy Program

TOR Project Manager – Sustainable and Inclusive Belize

TOR Project Manager Trade and Investment Facilitation Program