EXECUTING ENTITY:Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, and Investment
POSITION: Senior Procurement Specialist
REPORTS TO: Lead Consultant
SUPERVISES: ProcurementManagement Function
The Senior Procurement Specialist is responsible for leading the execution of the procurement activities of the CEU in accordance with the Government of Belize (GOB) procurement guidelines, the provisions of the Project and the Bank’s procurement rules and procedures, and the GOB procurement guidelines, when applicable.
The primary responsibilities of the Procurement Specialists are to:
• Review all documentation relating to the Project: Loan Contract, Procurement Policies (GN-2349-15), Consultant Policies (GN-2350-15), Program Operation Manual (POM), the Project Execution Plan (PEP), the Annual Operational Plan (AOP), the Procurement Plan (PP), and other planning or executing tools.
• Participate in the preparation of the CEU’s PEP and AOP through preparing and updating of the Annual PP.
• Direct and supervise the procurement assistants in preparing and executing the CEU procurement activities
• Administer/support the bidding, evaluation and selection process for the procurement of works, goods and services, and the selection and contracting of consultants, including:
− Preparing Expressions of Interest, procurement notices and bidding documents.
− Coordinating with the Project Managers the technical inputs required to elaborate the Terms of Reference or Technical Specifications.
− Liaising with required authorities for advertising and preparing appropriate documents to be placed on the Bank’s website as well as on any other sites, as required.
− Serving as main point of contact for bidders.
− Advising the Evaluation Committees on the procedures, Policies and guidelines that apply.
− Facilitating the evaluation exercise ensuring compliancewith the procurement guidelines and timely conclusion of the process.
− Facilitating contract negotiations and preparation of contracts.
− Preparing requests for the Bank’s No-Objection to the milestones established in the Procurement Policies and the Policies for Consultants according to the type of method, ensuring that all required and approved procurement documentation is included.
− Providing technical support as necessary to ensure speedy and timely completion of the contracting process.
− Maintaining record of the process in compliance with procurement guidelines.
• Maintain an up-to-date registry of consultants, works, goods and service acquired or hired under the Project.
• Monitor executed contracts through contract completion, liaising with Project Managers (where applicable) and the Financial Specialist to ensure payments/disbursements are made according to contract and the preparation of monthly and annual disbursement projections and payments are accurate.
• Maintain appropriate files of procurement functions and provide information as needed by the Government, the Executing Agency and the Bank.
• Participate in the preparation and maintenance of the Program Operational Manual taking responsibility for the Procurement section ensuring it is in alignment with the Procurement guidelines of the Bank.
• Assist the Program Manager in preparing for, and hosting key project events such as:
− Periodic portfolio review meetings between the Bank and the government.
− Supervision missions and program monitoring meetings (led by the Bank).
− Inspection visits by the Bank to supervise the financial management and procurement operations including conduct of ex-post reviews.
− Mid-termevaluation.
− Final evaluation.
− The Project Completion Report (PCR).
− Joint review missions by the Bank and other funding and/or supervising and implementation agencies as required.
• Execute other tasks and special assignments as required to enable transparent, efficient and timely implementation of procurement activities and program deliverables including responding to audit queries and responding to requests from the Contractor General’s Department.
• Prepare procurement reports stipulated in the Operations Manual, and as may be otherwise required by the Government, the Bank and the Executing Agency (list reports where necessary).